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Unique Games

At 777Coin, we're always coming up with new ideas for our games. We pride ourselves on having the most unique and entertaining games of all the Bitcoin casinos! We also regularly release new games, so check back often, you may just find something you really like!

Provably Fair

Our games are more than just fair, they're provably fair! We use cryptography to mathematically prove each and every game's result was fair and even let you "Roll the dice" with us. Don't trust us, trust mathematics!

No Downloads

If you have a modern web browser and some Bitcoins, you already have everything you need to play our exciting games! No Flash, No Java, No Plugins. Everything is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so you never have to download special to play at 777Coin.

777Coin News News from your favorite Bitcoin casino

Two Factor Authentication

At 777Coin, we're dedicated to bringing you the most entertaining and secure experience a Bitcoin casino can provide. We've just deployed two factor authentication, if you have a smartphone or tablet we highly suggest enabling 2FA on your account for enhanced security

Security Enhancements

Security is our number one priority at 777Coin, so we've updated how we store your passwords to the most secure method available. To take advantage of the new password security, please change your password in your account/settings section.

Video Poker Released

We've just released another three high quality Bitcoin casino games: Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Super Aces. For all you Video Poker fans out there, now is the time to sign up and win big at 777Coin! With a top prize of 8,000 mBTC (8 Bitcoins!) you could win huge! Just like all of our other games, Video Poker is provably fair and highly entertaining!
» Play Now: Jacks or Better - Deuces Wild - Super Aces «

Blackjack Released

Test your luck at yet another great game from 777Coin, the ever-popular card game, and a casino favorite of many, Blackjack! Win big effortlessly with our "Genius" feature which plays the best possible move for you automatically giving you the greatest chance of winning, no matter how much (or little) experience you have with Blackjack!
» Play Now: European Blackjack «

New website!

Welcome to our newly redesigned website! We take pride in providing the most exciting and unique games in the Bitcoin gambling world. Our customers are our number one priority! We're always keeping up to date in the ever-changing Bitcoin gambling industry to match our customers' needs. Stay tuned for more news and updates from the exciting Bitcoin casino, 777Coin!
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